Small Business Website Hosting

What is website hosting?

Your website needs to sit on a physical computer, somewhere in the world and have software running to run the website. The computer and the software is know as website hosting.

What does hosting include?

All website hosting is located in Sydney, Australia. Google takes note of where your website is hosted. A locally hosted website can help with your website ranking.

Level 1 – Basic Hosting – $16.50 per month inc. GST

Your WordPress based website will run on our locally hosted system. At this level, we offer basic monitoring to tell you if your site ever goes down however there is no ma

Level 2 –  $99 per month inc. GST


Level 3 – Business Smarts Hosting $220 per month inc. GST

At this level of hosting we’ll be updating your website whenever there’s a major WordPress release. We’ll also provide you with a monthly report on how your website is performing. This includes recommendations based on the data of your website. This helps you make business decisions about what to do with your website.

Need robust hosting?

Find out about our Amazon Web Services (AWS) web hosting. This is an ultra powerful, ultra scalable platform that’s build for high performance websites.