Frequently Asked Questions

Who will host my website?

You have three choices for the hosting of your website:

  • Continue with your own hosting. This keeps you in control of your website hosting, especially if you’re happy with your hosting company. Please keep in mind that your new website may require more powerful hosting – we’ll advise you on this.
  • Move to new hosting. If you’ll be needing new hosting then we recommend WP Engine or Ventra IP.
  • Host with us. We’re happy to look after your hosting needs. Pricing is available on our hosting page.

When will we upload the website

We’l upload your website upon final receipt of payment. From there it’s live for the whole world to see!

Will you have full access to your website after it’s live?

Absolutely! As soon as we’ve received full payment of the site we’ll hand the keys over the website is yours. You’ll have full administrator access!

What happens if you need something updated on the site?

We’re available at $90 per hour + GST OR you we can give you access to our basic training (plus there’s 2 months worth of backups if you bugger something up).

Will your site be “SEO’d”?

Your site will be shipped with entry level SEO. SEO is an art and needs constant attention to be effective so why not take advantage of our SEO Packages?