About Us

Our Vision

We love working with businesses that operate because they want to make a positive difference in the world. Our vision is that we’re a part of helping your business achieve that. Our vision is that we’re that piece of the puzzle that helps your business grow so it gets to impact more people in the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small businesses that want to make difference in the world to attract clients and deliver services through the clever use of technology.

We value passion, genuineness, helpfulness, innovation and being positive.

Our staff are fun, friendly, committed, talented and knowledgeable. We wake up every day excited to make a difference in people’s lives.

We stand out from the rest by speaking plain English accepting projects with a smaller budget and being there for the life of the project.

What We’re All About

We understand that it’s tough to find a good local web business that will produce quality product with a small business budget. We also get that it can be overwhelming speaking to experts when they shower you with jargon and try and impress you with their knowledge.

We’ve taken the ego out of web.

We’ll speak to you in Plain English and deliver a website that you will be proud to show your friends and your clients to.

We’ll also help your website actually do something for your business.

Give us a call to get started.

Our History

2018 – The Business Continues to Grow

Highlights of this year include:

  • We’ve now entered our third year as a member of CBD SHINE – a Sydney CBD based BNI chapter!
  • We’ve jumped from Visual Composer to a lightweight drag and drop page builder named Elementor and we’re only looking forward!
  • Our team is growing!! We’re expanding the resources on our team to provide exceptional customer service and exceptional results!

2015 – The Business is Born

John had decided in September of 2014 that he would start helping small business with their online technology challenges. With no mention of this to anyone, he received his first website request a week later, from an old colleague. It took a further 12 months to lock down The Web Warriors business name. Since then the website business has exploded and our team and project list is growing rapidly.

2013 – Business and Life Coaching

This was the year that John took a break from I.T. altogether and focused on personal and business growth. It was during this “gap year” that John saw a need for small business to learn how to use online technology to grow their business.

2009 – Digital Agencies and Government Websites

In 2009 John began working with digital agencies to help build websites for SME’s and local, state and federal government websites. It was here that John accelerated his learning of website building and growth. Website projects ranged from $60,000 to over $500,000.

1999 – Commercial Websites

In 1999 John began working with small to medium businesses to build commercial websites. This included complex eCommerce websites that relied on business strategies to grow traffic.

1995 – First Websites

John began his website career at university. It was here that he taught himself how to hand code websites. Back in these days, every skerrick of efficiency and security was important and John knew all the tricks in the book.

1988 – The Beginning

This was the year that the founder and CEO John Hill began using computers. It was this first interaction with the Microbee computer, during a compulsory year 7 computing class that John first learned how to program computers. Since then, John has kept his passion for creativity and programming alive.