8 ways to use your small business logo

8 ways to use your small business logo

So, you’ve just had a logo created for your new small business. Where can you use it now to make the most of it? This article describes 8 ways to use your logo so you get your money’s worth.

Your Small Business Website

This one seems pretty obvious but it’s important. Your logo should be easily seen on your website, usually in the top part of of the page, or header. If you talk to your web designer, they should be able to make the top part of your website “sticky” so that it’s visible even when the user scrolls down the page. Also, make sure your logo is crisp and looks great on your site. A great looking logo will do wonders for your website.

Your logo should also be seen in the browser. This is the little picture that shows in the top left hand corner of a tab known as a “favicon”. It’s main purpose is to allow someone to jump back to your website when they have lots of websites open at once. If you need to create your own, jump to the Favicon Generator website.

Social Media

You’ll want a square version of your logo for social media. This is something that your logo designer should have already given you. The great thing about setting your logo up on social media is that is helps to create brand awareness – whenever you share, comment, post etc. on social media from your business page people will see your logo.

If you’re using a visual social media platform like Instagram, use a tool to help you watermark your logo on every image and video that you post. That way when people share your post, your logo will be everywhere too!

Business Cards

Your business card should definitely have your logo on it. Make sure you send your printer the “vector” version of your logo so it can be printed in high resolution and high quality. If you need a business card to be designed or printed then jump to our business card partner – Minuteman Press in Randwick.


Where appropriate, have your logo embroidered on your clothing and wear it to business meetings or out in public. Business clothing can range from a t-shirt with a catchy phrase, a polo shirt for smart casual or a business shirt for a corporate look. Jackets can look great with your logo but are seasonal.

Email Templates and Signature

When you’re sending an email to a prospective client then you’ll want to have them aware of your branding. Adding your logo to your email signature helps keep people aware of your branding. Add a catchy phrase or special offer underneath that links to your website.

Your email templates definitely need to have your logo. Have a designer create a powerful looking email template to use when you send newsletters or automated emails from your CRM, like Mailchimp. If you need a hand with this, we recommend using our design partner, Designer i.am.


Having your logo and bi-line on your stationary helps to get your branding out there. Stationary can include notepads, pens and letterhead. If you have a larger budget, how about embossing your logo on your business journal.


An invoice with your logo makes your logo look more professional and have more of an impact. Where possible, use your invoice as a marketing and sales tool and CC it to the decision maker of the business. Your accountant should be able to help you set this up in your accounting software.

Giveaways and Flyers

Make sure your logo is easily identifiable on all your giveaways and flyers. Most people read information in a “Z” pattern so have your logo at one of the points where people’s eyes change direction.

What’s Next?

If you want to know more about how to get a logo for your small business or get a small business website, then feel free to make contact with us. Mention this blog post and we’ll throw in a special offer!

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